Where We Stand On The Terrorisms…

We believe in the Absolute Right of True Christians (Calvinists) to be religiously free from the threat of Islam and Muslim terrorists. This is why Mosques should not be allowed here in America. After-all, the Founding Fathers were all good Christians (Calvinists) who founded this Great Country as a Nation for Christians (Calvinists) only.  None of the Founding Fathers uttered a single kind word about Islam or for the freedom of Muslims to worship their False god here in the Hallowed Grounds of this Sacred Promise Land. To help keep our Great Nation a Chosen-Messianic Land of Promise—we move that all True American Christians (Calvinists) vote to get rid of Islam, Mosques and Muslims in America to make our Great Country a Christian (Theocratic Calvinist) Nation again once and for all.

However, True Christian Churches (Calvinist Churches) should continue to be allowed to be in America—because Right-Wing Christians are never ever terrorists. Also, True Christianity (Calvinism) has never contributed anything negative to worldly society such as: racism, murderous genocidal terrorism or anything like the Inquisition unlike the Whore of Babylon: the Romish Catholic Cult of Papism and Islamism.

2 Responses to “Where We Stand On The Terrorisms…”

  1. We Support Religious Liberty! « The Official Blog Of God's Only Inerrant Party Says:

    […] majority are tired of being  discriminated against in our own Country—remember this Great Nation was founded upon “Christian principles” and that all of our Founding Fathers were […]

  2. America’s Founders Were Against Religious Liberty 4 Muslims: No, Seriously! | Says:

    […] you can see this is why we must Take A Stand for against Religious Liberty for Muslims […]

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