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Todd Friel Catches John Piper Teaching Man-Centered Doctrines

January 18, 2010

Here is the link and here is the incriminating video:

Notice the error —Dr. Piper said our seeing the Glory of God (human ability) can change us. This is nothing but Romanism in disguise. After all, human ability is “the darkness of Roman Arminianism, that man-exalting heresy.” This is why we must correct Dr. Piper’s man-centered errors. Humans are totally unable to see the Glory of God but God in His Absolute Sovereign Wrath predetermined from the foundation of the world who He gave the gift of sight to so that His Absolute Glory may change those Chosen Elect few and only them. For how can one dead in their sins see God’s Absolute Glory without first being regenerated? This is why we must call Dr. Piper to repent of his Synergism and back to our opinions biblical integrity and the Absolute Biblical Truth of Absolute Monergism.

P. S. Luther didn’t teach any Synergistic form of Monergism you know?

Heresy Wars: Our Purified Version Of Star Wars

October 15, 2009


The Heresy Wars cast relaxing on the set. Join them weekdays at 3 pm on Worldview Weekend TV as they hunt down heretics and bring them in for a bounty.

John Calvin is aghast at the impure doctrines of his bounty—an evil Grace-hating Man-loving Arminian . Equally The Way Of The Master logo at the bottom is a device that Todd Friel activated from where he is sitting in an attempt to try to beam Sound Doctrine directly into that Evil Emergent Iggy’s brain. Iggy of course is off camera.

And this is a production still from season 1 episode 5.