Saving Old ODM Posts Raptured By Evil Emergent Plots!


The Super Secret Archives Of All Discernmentalists’ Works Safely Hidden Deep Within The Bowels Of Our Truth Bunker Where We Are Protected In Our Discernmentalist Ministry


Restoring that Old Time Ken Silvan Religion means restoring some of our old posts that needed to be censored accidently got removed were purged by ourselves because sometimes we must take a stand  against ourselves to uphold our standards  raptured off the net* by our many enemies who hate us and are always persecuting us for holding tight to our True Doctrine & Standards. Thanks to our Researchmentalist Archives we can save most of our Researchmentalism for future generations to profit from and learn the Ways of our Master’s Discernmentalism just like when our esteemed colleague and co-laborer in our Truth War I. Todyaso helped Phil Johnson save his Hugh Jass project.

*Note: each resurrected post will include the reason for being raptured.

  1. Trish of Fish With Trish flubs answer to Important Doctrinal Question…
  2. The Discernmentalist War On Christ-Mass!
  3. Attacks On John MacArthur’s Pure Gospel of a Premillennial Dispensationalist Rapture
  4. Something about tithes
  5. Rhoblogy’s hate love message to Japan
  6. Robes more Robes (*since its not in the post we have reason to suspect crypto-Lutheran Todd Friel raptured this post as well as the note we made on why it was raptured).
  7. Poop on the Mind
  8. New Worldview Weekend…closet commies?!?!!
  9. Seymore Spurgeon’s Hell’s Best Kept Secret Ray Comforts (Awesome)…yeah!
  10. More on our Pope (PBUH) against alcohol and YRR sinners 
  11. Some other Researchmentalism recovered

2 Responses to “Saving Old ODM Posts Raptured By Evil Emergent Plots!”

  1. donjobson Says:

    Thank our Angry God for our secret archives or our great Work which saves may have been lost and without us continuing Ken Silva’s Apprising ministry of condemnation none would know our Truth.

  2. Facebook Is Still Persecuting Us | The Official Blog Of God's Only Inerrant Party Says:

    […] # 2-We now suspect that the attacks were connected to evil Emergents rather than Bulpit & Pen as their language was too filthy and sounded like censored Driscollian […]

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