True Protestants Are Anti-Catholic

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The mass of the catholic church is ‘a blasphemous fable and a dangerous deceit’. The pope of rome is antichrist. ( instead of Christ) The Romish Church is not a true church in any biblical sense. It is the whore of Babylon as stated in Rev. 17-18. This is the position taken by historic protestantism. Any so called protestants who have wandered from this position are apostate protestants. The catholic church may be a false church of God in the same way as satan is God’s devil. God is soverign!

13 Responses to “True Protestants Are Anti-Catholic”

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    […] in the darkness of Roman Arminianism, that man-exalting heresy.” We all know that  all True Christians are anti-Catholic bigots or as Todd Friel says of Presbyterians who are soft on the  false religion of Roman Catholicism: […]

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  5. Was Hitler A Truly Regenerate Elect Christian? « The Online Discernmentalist Mafia Says:

    […] a True Christian must be anti-Catholic: […]

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  11. Steven Clark Says:

    But Roman papists are protestant, just like the rest of the protestants. The only difference is in what they protest.

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