True Protestants Are Anti-Catholic

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The mass of the catholic church is ‘a blasphemous fable and a dangerous deceit’. The pope of rome is antichrist. ( instead of Christ) The Romish Church is not a true church in any biblical sense. It is the whore of Babylon as stated in Rev. 17-18. This is the position taken by historic protestantism. Any so called protestants who have wandered from this position are apostate protestants. The catholic church may be a false church of God in the same way as satan is God’s devil. God is soverign!

19 Responses to “True Protestants Are Anti-Catholic”

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    […] Weekend New World Order Weekend at times? Doesn’t he know that the Pope is the spiritual Anti-Christ bent on a One World Religious Government and the Roman Catholic Church wants to destroy our Pure […]

  2. Discernmentalists We’ve Been Counter-Discernmentalized! « The Online Discernmentalist Mafia Says:

    […] in the darkness of Roman Arminianism, that man-exalting heresy.” We all know that  all True Christians are anti-Catholic bigots or as Todd Friel says of Presbyterians who are soft on the  false religion of Roman Catholicism: […]

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  5. Was Hitler A Truly Regenerate Elect Christian? « The Online Discernmentalist Mafia Says:

    […] a True Christian must be anti-Catholic: […]

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  11. Steven Clark Says:

    But Roman papists are protestant, just like the rest of the protestants. The only difference is in what they protest.

  12. Tyson F. Gautreaux Says:

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  13. Zachariah Schoenemann Says:

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  14. bozoboy87 Says:

    I hate false religion as much as the next christian, but protestantism doesnt make you saved. Being protestant is not about hating people. Its about being a witness to the unsaved. Spread gods love, not your hate for that idol worshiping catholic cult.

  15. s. wesley mcgranor Says:

    There is an absolute necessity that with proper scripture and trinity; one will find oneself in anti-Catholic communion with God. This is maintained; when not accomponied with an exultation of Judaism.

  16. Maximus Anglicanus: The Old High Churchman Says:

    The Catholic is spiritual lawless–not Arminian.

  17. Tasteandsee Says:

    It’seems really sad that the Catholic Church gave you that bible to beat them with. You do know you are spewing hate toward Jesus Christ, his apostles and early martyrs when you claim such things against the Catholic Church. Read chapter 3 book 3 of “Against Heresies” by Irenaeus. Google it! It’s all available online for your reading enjoyment. Then come back and let the 1.2 billion Catholics what you think. Peace be with you.

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