No Salvation Without Biblical Inerrancy

BHiles to Abba’sLil’Girl:

You lack discernment. If John’s words are just John’s words and Pauls are just paul’s then scripture has no validity at all and there is no salvation. God’s word as we have it today is the Word of God written before the foundation of the world. John authored none of it. Paul authored none of it. The Holy spirit guided these men when writing scripture and we have exactly the Word of God how God wanted us to have it today.

Either all the words are true or none of them are.

This is a doctrine that must be defended I will fight tooth and nail for every single word being the Word of God for all of Salvation and all of eternity and our very existence now depends on it.

2 Responses to “No Salvation Without Biblical Inerrancy”

  1. Jason Crupper Says:

    God revealed the Holy Bible to John Calvin by the Archangel Michael, who appeared to him and said, “Read! This is the doctrine of Lordship Slavation delivered once and for all to the saints. Burn at the stake all who oppose, hunting them down wherever you find them.”

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