New Discernmentalist Terms and their Definitions

Our terms are constantly being reinvented to keep up with the latest advances in fighting our many enemies in this Truth War:untitled

Bible-Based SKIRTs or Secret Cloaking Reversal Technology: Helps Discernmentalists discover secret heretical doctrines being cloaked in Conservative Discernmentalese specifically those of suspected secret feminists. Secret Cloaking Reversal Technology or SKIRT—also are most likely to predict an oncoming Mothra attack as per our findings.

BIBLE OSMOSIS not to be confused with SIGHT OSMOSIS: the ability to know all Truth by osmosis especially Absolute Biblical Truth. Discernmentalists with the true gift of discernmentalism are born with this ability. Its useful in pronouncing our self-righteous judgmentalism on all things.


  1. Bibliophile: (noun)- a cross between a paedophile and the Bible. (Atheist insult version)
  2. Discernmentalist version- a book lover (most likely atheists ie. Disney) assaulting our children with strange books or their love of books. Librarians are also suspect in this.

Fictional Gay Character Eraser  (Codenamed: Fig Leaf): the latest technology in order to stop the menacing threat of fictional gay characters that will surely prevent us from having Hetero-marriages by turning everyone ghey. Erases traces of gayness as well as Canadian-ness from all media and art-forms especially fictional ones. Dr. I. Todyaso and Eric Barger co-invented this.

GAYDAR: used by Discernmentalists to detect the invisible rays of gaydiation emitted by all things gay. See GAYDIATION.

GAYDIATION: invisible rays emitted by all things gay—can only be detected by Gaydar. See GAYDAR.

HEARING OSMOSIS related to SIGHT OSMOSIS but unrelated to BIBLE OSMOSIS: the ability to turn gay by hearing anything gay-related or slightly gay-related ie. Elton John songs such as “Daniel.”

HUGH JASS: Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs. Our Pope’s lackey.

MOTHBALLs or (Modernism’s Old Theologies of Hate Bringing About Legalism on  Ladies): (noun)- the only known protection against Mothra and feminist attacks on Discernmentalist Truth. Also useful in warding off Bibliophiles. Mrs. Jobson now swears (not in an unbiblical swearing way) by it. [Update: We’ve discovered new usages for this term]:

  1. Against Bibliophiles: Moralists Operating Theological arguments against Heretics and Bibliophile Atheists/Liberal Librarians. See BIBLIOPHILES.
  2. (Feminist and Atheist Insult Version): “The scare tactics of the right wing have been taken out of mothballs.” (Source: Liberal Article on Feminism).
  3. MOTHBALLs and MOTHBALL technology– the latest in Discernentalist woo and quackery. The newest craze in Discernmentalist households—sweeping the Discernmentalist world by storm since these secret Mothra feminist attacks have started on our churches. Discernmentalists  are researchmentaizing further applications in MOTHBALL sciences and technology.
  4. MOTHBALLING/MOTHBALLED (verb form)- discernmentalists love to mothball our enemies with mothball arguments aka our favorite Discernmentalist arguments. Slightly related to the insult version.

POPE of all Truth/the TRUTH WAR/TRUTH WAR POPE: John MacArthur (PBUH) author of the Truth War; pope over all internet Bible-Believing Calvinists everywhere. He achieved sainthood first before being declared Holy most Ilustrious; Inerrant and Infallible by MacArthurites. His Papal name is Pope Pyro. See HUGH JASS.

SIGHT-OSMOSIS not to be confused with BIBLE-OSMOSIS: the ability to turn gay just by the sight of a gay character on a TV or Movie screen or even looking at slightly gay art/photos.

SMOCKING GUN Technology: aids Discernmentalists in discovering evidence of heresy and errors through typos and other means. Eric Barger following Trump’s logical leaps invented it.

SUPER SECRET ARCHIVES: contains all  known Discernmentalist knowledge including most of the old articles of Discernmentalists raptured off the web. Its safely hidden deep within the recesses of the  bowels of our Truth Bunker.

TOUCH-OSMOSIS slightly related to HEARING-OSMOSIS and SIGHT-OSMOSIS but just like them unrelated to BIBLE-OSMOSIS: the ability to turn gay or Canadian after a gay or Canadian or both touch you.

TRUMPISMs: words and wisdom from our Most Biblical and Godly President.

TRUTH BUNKER: where we are safely hidden and protected from all our enemies/the world/sinners/pretty much everyone.


See Part 1: Here and Here for even more terms.


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