GOIP Discernmentalists’ Terms Defined


As you know we at ODMafia and God’s Only Inerrant Party have a lot of technical terms and we use them often.
Why you ask? Good question!
It is because we are experts. We know stuff you don’t…and its best we give you our terms on….our terms.

If you are a new reader you need to get to know our technical terms and jargon to understand what we are saying(because what we write about is of utmost importance) :

Discernmentalist: An expert discerner who knows all, is able to read minds, re-interpret quotes, and misinterpret quotes biblically. Typically involved in the “special ops” of discernment, and has the right to mislead the public when defending the truth or orthodoxy against the unrighteous (ie almost everyone).


DTW: Discerning the World (not to be misconstrued with Discerning the World 3, another discernment ministry)

Stretch Technology: This technology is used by DTW.  STRETCH is an an acronym that stands for Survey Truth Revise & Exaggerate Truncate Cacophony of Hagiomania. Used to “reinterpret” data and quotes and allows DTW to peer into the minds of others.


TSM: Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries.

BS: TSM uses the Bible-Based Satellite (BS) & Secret cloaking device for Bibles and exotic research technologies. BS is full of surprises but is said to be purely absolute and biblical…at all times.


AM: Apprising Ministries.
DIRT: AM has devised (DIRT) Direct Interpretation Revelation and Translation to aid and abet discernmentalists across the world.
SoL / SOL / Slice: Slice of Laodicea

SoL: Invented DUMB technology which stands for Discernmentalist Utility for Mesmurizing Brains. It is a sort of stund-gun (not to be misconstrued with stun-gun) that allows a user to bend the laws of rational thinking. Used widely among discernmentalists…and this technology has been sold off to a number of ministries.


GOIP: You’ve heard of the GOP—God’s Only Party—well we have found that to be a lie as the Republican Party are liberal apostate heretics for letting in homosexuals. We are the only True Godly political Party around that’s why we are the GOIP—God’s Only Inerrant Party otherwise known as The Calvinazi Party/The Theocratic Calvinist Christian Fascist Party or CCFP for short.

GOIP Eyes: our all seeing satellites.

GOIP Bots: serve several purposes for GOIP discernmentalizations.

The GRMSN: GOIP Rocketmen Spy Network– how we see what all you evil Emergents, apostates, liberals, Arminians, heretics, pagans, heathens and all around unregenerate, unsaved and non-Elect sinners are doing and know that you are the sinners and not us—God’s True Elect.

Dobson Ranch/Death Star/Mighty G…od Fortress Space Station on Mars/GOIP Headquarters: where we work and live.


The Strategic Heretical Emergent Arminian & Liberal Defense Initiative or (SHEALDI): for short otherwise known as Codename ACSBLOP *(Augustine Calvin Spurgeon Black Letters of Paul)* or also known by it’s better known nickname ‘Heresy Wars/Absolute Truth Wars‘—prevents Emergent attacks on our Absolute Truth Comments.

Sedewhitehousists:—-we believe there are True Presidents and there are False Presidents and Ronald Reagan was the Final True President as Jesus believed in the political gospel of Reaganism otherwise known as Reaganomics and elected Regan the last Political Messiah for God’s Chosen and Ordained Nation that’s why we belong to the FCCSORR (Fundamentalist Calvinist Christian Society Of Ronald Reagan).

Missives: apostate seeking missiles of Absolute Truth.

DPDEWW or Direct Pure Doctrines Energy Wave Weapon:- DPDEWW runs on Sound Doctrine Indicating Operative technology which is also called Laser Operating Apostate Chaser Enhanced Engine or SDIO-LOACEE for short.

Emergent Reflector Sound Doctrine Missive Impure Doctrines Deflector or ERSDMIDD:ERSDMIDD takes Emergent and impure doctrines and beams  them back at our enemies while also leaving our Sound Doctrines Pure. It also beams Sound Doctrines directly into our enemies’ brains in a last attemptive effort of teaching them our ways the Absolute Truth. Another of our Missives that runs on Sound Doctrine Indicating Operative (SDIO) technology is our SDIO-Delta Star or our SDIO Missive Emegent-cy Defense System.


Der Führer:—Ron Luce Absolute Truth Warrior par excellence.

Our Final Prophet: John Calvin who is also the Holy Spirit/Paraclete/Comforter/Advocate.

See ODMAFIA TERMS and Part 2 for even more terms.

11 Responses to “GOIP Discernmentalists’ Terms Defined”

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    Yes we Whitewash the Truth to our truth free of charge.

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