Bible Believing Buttons For True Bible Believing Discernmentalists

We here at the GOIP and the ODMafia are all about all Bible Believing all the time. We are also all about the Pure Bible Based T. U. L. I. P. Doctrines of Dort as well. Here our newest member Dr. Thad Foreal spreads our Message about the True Bible Believing of Discernmentalist Bible Believers:

After Dr. Thad Foreal got several confused and dirty looks from ignorant Bible scoffers and apostate heretics—we decided to create these new Bible Believing Buttons for all True and Proud Bible Believing Discernmentalists to show off how True of a Bible Believer they are:

Based on Pastor Steven Dilday’s Sermon series on

The Bible’s Providential Preservation- Textus Receptus (TR),

Masoretic Text (MT), King James Version (KJV), & Other Versions:

Part 1 of Pastor Steven Dilday’s Sermon series 


3 Responses to “Bible Believing Buttons For True Bible Believing Discernmentalists”

  1. donjobson Says:

    These buttons are great for any Discernmentalist Blog!

  2. Marc Says:

    What you fail to realize is that almost all KJV-Only advocates are anti-Calvinists.

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