My Profile and Biographical Information: I am Don Jobson—James Dobson’s adopted illegitimate son. James Dobson and I created the GOIP—God’s Only Inerrant Party otherwise known as The Calvinazi Party/The Theocratic Calvinist Christian Fascist Party or CCFP for short. The reason being is the GOP—God’s Only Party are closet liberals as the Republican Party are liberal apostate heretics for letting in homosexuals into our God Ordained Party—that’s why we are the only True Godly political Party around. My adopted father James Dobson made me the official voice of the GOIP—so here I Blog.

Oh yeah and the Führer that we are backing this year 2009 is Ron Luce.

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11 Responses to “About”

  1. donjobson Says:

    Yes how wonderful!

  2. donjobson Says:

    Our GOIP Bot 3000 has finally discernmentalized how to fix our About page!

  3. Ruby Dabling Says:

    Living here in Dobsons’ neighborhood (just outside of Colorado Springs), I can laugh – but I’m still in pain.

    Think you can talk him into retiring to Arkansas?

  4. donjobson Says:

    Yes GOIP Eye 3—our all seeing satellite has observed you from our ranch. And to answer your question—no we Absolute Truth Warriors and Online Discernmentalists will never retire from this War of Absolute Truth as long as Emergents, queers, Christians with impure doctrines, pagans and all manners of other heathens are legally allowed to run free. We suggest you vieweth our movie to learn our Top Secret goals: “One God, One Purified Religion, One Christian Nation, One Single-Party Theocratic System Of Government And Absolute Dominon Over The Non-Elect Heathens.”

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  6. sam Says:

    you’re so cute ❤

  7. Raise Your Right Hand For Our Holy Anthem! « The Online Discernmentalist Mafia Says:

    […] P. S. Please remember to vote in True Bible-Believing Conservatives in the next election and that would be us: God’s Only Inerrant Party! […]

  8. Phil Says:

    Hello…..best to remove my photograph that you stole without permission from your site as well as Jesus from your heart. The open heart surgery picture is copyright protected.

    Thank you.


  9. Ricemonster Says:

    Oooh I get it now. This is all a joke. Nice one. ^_~

    By the way, you can remove that bit that says: “[This is an example of a WordPress page..”

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