Praise God For His Sovereign Wrath Against Japan!


We are so great-ful for God unleashing His commendable hate-filled Sovereign Wrath against His unholy enemies in Japan. We have been so disgusted by Japan’s heathen ways for awhile now—for one: “Japan gave us pokemon, so God gave them an earthquake/tsunami as punishment one-two … you do the math.” Note: Eric Barger says that Pokemon is responsible for most of the criminal acts in the world commited by young perpetrators.

Secondly Japan is full of atheists and reprobated apostate heretics like Roman Catholics, Universalists and Arminians. This is why we are so encouraged and overjoyed that God has poured down His wrath upon Japan so that He may be glorified in sending as many people (that He foreordained not to love from the foundation of the world) to hell as possible through the Sovereign Grace of His great Law, Wrath and commendable hatred towards non-Elect sinners.

We only pray that God might smite more of His enemies. Lord hear our Imprecatory Prayer and let Your nostrils flare with the flames of Your anger and curse the anti-Haters. Remember all you unregenerate reprobates God had His Hand on the earth and waves as it was causing destruction in Japan as God is in Absolute Control over everything including the dust blowing in the wind. Anyone who believes otherwise worships Satan and that means all you Roman Arminians—you man-exalting heretics! Praise God and the Dortian Divines for our Pure Gospel Doctrines!

P. S. We believe in the Real and True God not the weak, wimpy, womanly and liberal Commie god created in the image of Rob Bell whose love wins—but the God of the Bible who is an Angry God of all consuming fire and smoke—the God who is so angry and full of commendable hatred that He may cast wicked men into hell at any given moment.

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10 Responses to “Praise God For His Sovereign Wrath Against Japan!”

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  2. karl Says:

    U have No idea what ur talking about…..

    u think japan is full of heretics, u think that ur in the right path, after so many massacres uve done, sa many bloodshed uve caused, i spit on u, claiming to be holy, claiming to be under gods protection… im gonna put a bullet trough ur head and see if ur “god” is able to stop it.

    *Funkin Mark Driscoll mouth
    *{Last part of comment edited for foul and filthy Emergent language though message left intact}

  3. A Very Special Message For Japan! « The Online Discernmentalist Mafia Says:

    […] Rhoblogy agrees that God hates Japan. Japan is doomed unless the Elect among them Repent. Our God is so good! Praise the wide loving mercy of our angry God’s Absolute Sovereign Wrath and Hatred! May all […]


    fuck u cunt faced asshole japan is a lovely nation that dosent deserve this your god is a sick fuck cunt if kills people who dont know him cunt dick faced ASSHOLE CUNTS I HOPE U BURN TO DEATH


    You, for saying innocent Japanese people who I really think are awesome deserve to die for not being christens makes you a self centered, stuck up, motherfucking asshole who desreves to have needles fired into your balls

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