Phil Johnson And Hugh Jass Film Productions Present…


Not to be outdone by Discovery Channel’s Shark  Week’s ratings grabs, Phil Johnson and Hugh Jass Film Productions cash-in with the newest Summer Blockbuster Discernmentalist hit: Attack OF The SEMI-PELAGIANS starring the United Methodist Church. The creatures known as Semi-Pelagians are semi-aquatic animals that are half Augustinian and half Pelagian and are mostly found in Arminian churches most notably the United Methodist Church. The Semi-Pelagians soon begin revolting and attacking the semi-Donatist faith of Discernmentalism prompting our hero Phil Johnson aka Pastor Hugh Jass and his loyal crew to discernmentalize them. Attack OF The SEMI-PELAGIANS: coming soon to a Discernmentalist TV station near you!


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2 Responses to “Phil Johnson And Hugh Jass Film Productions Present…”

  1. Bible Monkey Says:

    Say, was this iggy singing? I see a beard. Crank it!

  2. donjobson Says:

    Yes we have heard rumors that Iggy sings terrible songs in the shower plus if you notice he wears his beard in an unbiblical way. God and Dr. Itodyaso don’t approve and neither do we in fact we do believe that Iggy is the leader of the Sharktopus invasion against the Biblical Truth of Calvinism.

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