Trish Of Way Of The Master Fame Supports The Heretical Sinner’s Prayer



Day by day it seems  that more and more of our Mighty Truth Warriors are falling by the way into the slippery slope of apostasy and heresy. We are appalled by such spinelessness in these Last Days when God’s very own fragile Truth is under attack daily by Spiritual Terrorists who are out to corrupt it. We must all do our part and take a stand for Absolute Biblical Truth and Absolute Biblical Certainty against these apostates so that God’s fragile Sovereign Truth might be protected from those out to destroy it.

This is why we were so disappointed when it was recently brought to our attention that Trish (of  Way Of The Master and Fish With Trish fame) and her husband’s church are so supportive of the heretical Sinner’s Prayer formula. We are so shocked that Trish’s husband’s church would stand for such man-exalting heresy especially after Way Of The Master took such a hard and self-righteous stand against Sinner’s Prayers and those churches that ask those who want to follow Jesus to recite some form of a Sinner’s Prayer. As Todd Friel has said:

The Sinner’s Prayer

As a rule, I do not lead them in prayer. It is not Biblical. If someone you know committed adultery against his wife, would you lead him back to his wife and say, “Repeat after me, I am really sorry and I shouldn’t have slept with that woman?” You would not do it in that case and you shouldn’t do it with a sinner. However, if they say they want to pray now, you can say, “Go ahead and pray and then I will pray for you.” Otherwise, send them on their way and ask them to let you know if they have made their decision. If they do, God saved them. If they don’t, you will be glad you didn’t manipulate them into prayer.

Our Research Robot Monkeys found this tract on Trish’s husband’s church Sovereign Wrath Community Church Sovereign Joy Community Church’s homepage and brought the man-centered and man-exalting semi-Pelagian errors to our attention—behold Sovereign Wrath Community Church’s Sovereign Joy Community Church’s own form of a Sinner’s Prayer:

We know what you have done Trish so there’s no need to try to hide and deny it. You’ve been caught and we’ve now exposed you for the hypocrite that you are your heretical sins before the world. Here we have zoomed in on your man-exalting heresy for Absolute Clarity’s sake:

What would John MacArthur say?* We have to wonder how many False Converts your husband’s church has produced Trish? Notice how the formula in the tract above is the same formula as your typical Sinner’s Prayer which follows as such: confess that you are a sinner, ask for forgiveness from your sins and finally ask Jesus to save you so that you can spend eternity in Heaven with Him and thank Him for the gift of salvation or some other form of this formula. Given all the evidence presented in front of you—we have one last question to ask of you Trish: “Are you a good person?” 

In order to finally get right with God we ask that you please read our excellent and quality well-researched unscholarly Discernmentalist essays: Discernmentalist Altar Calls: How To Make Sure Of Your Election and Ten reasons to UNASK Jesus from your heart.


* John MacArthur’s Sinner’s Prayer:

How many times have we come upon writings by Reformed men, whether online or in books, denigrating the use of the sinner’s prayer? I came upon this sermon by John MacArthur of Grace Community Church and it closes with what appears to be a sinner’s prayer: “While your heads are bowed for just a moment, if you do not know Christ but you desire to receive the salvation that He offers, the forgiveness of sin and eternal life, will you in the quietness of your own heart say…Lord God, I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe that He God in flesh died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin, rose again, provided perfect satisfaction and I receive the gift of salvation in His name, turning from my sin I commit myself to follow Him. Pray that prayer and may true salvation be yours this day. Amen. (“Looking At The Cross from God’s Perspective,” a sermon on Romans 3.24-31)”

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5 Responses to “Trish Of Way Of The Master Fame Supports The Heretical Sinner’s Prayer”

  1. Jason D. Says:

    “man-centered and man-exalting”

    Interesting that the beginning of that particular tract (made by Anchored in Truth Ministries which is run by Jeff Noblit and his church [which Paul Washer is a part of]) says:

    “Life is all about the glory of God!” (pg. 1)

    From there the other 9 pages all mention the glory of God and also mention the sinfulness and utter failure of man. This is tract is anything but Pelagian or even semi-Pelagian.

    It is funny in the part YOU labeled as “the sinner’s prayer” says in the middle in the biggest font, “IF GOD HAS CHANGED YOUR HEART AND YOU NOW BELIEVE THESE THINGS TO BE TRUE…”

    How is that ANY form of Semi-Pelagianism?

    I think if you take the time to listen to most any sermon or read some blog post you will find we are full 5 point Calvinist and reject Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism, and I think that is made very very clear in our “What we believe” section:

    Soli Deo Gloria!

    jason d.

  2. Jason D. Says:

    haha ok ok ok you got me… and you got me good. I finally read this:

    Perhaps I need to work on my discernment ;D

    soli Deo gloria!

    jason d.

  3. vanessa Says:

    I am a member of Sovereign Joy Community Church and not once ever has anyone been lead in the sinners prayer. We believe in order to be saved one much repent and believe in Christ alone for salvation. What is written on that track is an outline for someone on their own to repent and believe in Christ. It is not a model of the sinners prayer. This blog post could not be further from the truth and I really wish y’all would have contacted Trish to ask her what her view is before you started spreading things that are not true. I had hard time finding what you were even talking about because no where in the tract does is say “sinners prayer.” I hope you will do the right thing and change the lies you wrote about Trish and our Church.

  4. vanessa Says:

    My husband just told me this was a joke so now I feel dumb 🙂

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