Introducing The New Standard ODM Reformed Rating Meter


So how well do you rate on our Reformed Rating Scale?

Various Levels of Reformedness (not in order according to degree)

AR – Almost Reformed (has only heard of R. C. Sproul)
BR – Barely Reformed (has heard of R. C. Sproul and thought about buying some of his tapes)
CR – Critically Reformed (more negative than John MacArthur on the Charasmatic movement)
DR – Doubtfully Reformed (only attends this church for the music)
ER – Errantly Reformed (a Four Point Calvinist)
FR – Fantastically Reformed (owns a set of Calvin’s Commentaries)
GR – Grossly Reformed (the kid you would want your daughter to date but not marry)
HR – Hopefully Reformed (the kid you would want your daughter to marry for his money but you would keep his name on your prayer list)
IR – Incredibly Reformed (even the Session doesn’t believe half of what this guy believes)
LR – Loudly Reformed (maybe right, maybe wrong, but never in doubt)
MR – Mostly Reformed (watches football on Sunday afternoons with the family and reviews the Shorter Catechism during halftime)
NR – Newly Reformed (has recently begun attending a Reformed church and has had to buy a new bookshelf for all the additional reading material)
PR – Possibly Reformed (spoke up once at Bible Church and told to try the PCA)
SR – Staunchly Reformed (can quote limited sections of the Shorter Catechism and the Confession of Faith)
TR – Truly Reformed (has memorized the entire Shorter Catechism and can quote the Confession of Faith by chapter and section)

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4 Responses to “Introducing The New Standard ODM Reformed Rating Meter”

  1. donjobson Says:

    I’m not quite up to Ken Silva’s standards yet but at least I’m between Ken Silva and ODM approved!

  2. Arthur McJohn Says:

    Also, a real presbi-lutherain/northamerican/reformed watches AMERICAN football and loathes this commie “soccer”. Ohhh!! I lament our nation is no more only for God-ordained AMERICAN football and has also embraced soccer, and has just played in the ecomunist “FIFA 2010” (I’m working to detect what the hell means “FIFA”) against England (anglican and closeted romish). And then USA will play agianst Algeria (muslim terrorists) and Slovenia (commies from eastern europe).

  3. rzhblog Says:

    So where does Ken Silva’s Lutheran “Yes-Man” named Chris Rosebrough fit on this scale? He is a lover of The Book of Concord, Augsburg Confession, and Luther’s small & large Catechism unless he has reformed himself of being Lutheran. At times I am not sure he really is Lutheran as he appears to be a Pirate Christian parrot of Ken Silva.

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    […] Truly Reformed Calvinists who tip the scales of our Discernmentalist Rating scale will be saved. Can you get a high score on our meter and pass our […]

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