Hunting Season For Liberals Officially Begins!



(Gloom And Despair News: a subsidiary of GOIP Media Dominion Corporation as distributed by Outhouse Fails Publishing, Inc.) —-  Discernmentalists head to hunting ranges all across America now that Liberal Hunting Season has begun. Steve Camp of Camp On This Gloom and Disparaging Ministries has promised to reward the first True Bible-Believing  Fundamentalist Conservative/Republican Calvinist Christian to bag over a hundred liberals with a prize of an authentic tissue paper used by none other than our very own Ken Silva. The tissue paper is bound to become a  True Discernmentalist collector’s item. Camp has indeed verified that the tissue has really been used by Ken Silva for it is so full of ego and Absolute Truth. The tissue also comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Camp is on record as saying there are no limits on who may be considered a liberal. Any and all groups other than Confessional Dortian Calvinists are to be considered too liberal to be Truly Biblical and most importantly even Truly Christian. Most or all groups that are considered too liberal to Truly be Christian are dark evil reprobated heathen unregenerate hell-bound apostates as Camp goes on to further state :

To paraphrase former President Ronald Reagan’s words when speaking of communism:

“Open Theism, Universalism, Mormonism, Romanism, the Emergent Church, Jehovah Witnesses, Pragmaticism, Syncretism, Word of Faith, New Perspective of Paul, Libertarian Free Will, Socinianism, the Social Gospel, and Sabellianism is foreign to heaven, where they’ve never had part in it; and is welcome in hell, where they’ve already got it.” (Source).

In related news, Brannon Howse and Todd Friel have teamed up and have pledged their support for an upcoming Anti-Glenn Beck /Anti-Social Gospel Rally. At the moment, all the details are still in the open. We’ll let you know when and if any futher details come to light or as soon as any  future developments are made available.

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6 Responses to “Hunting Season For Liberals Officially Begins!”

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  2. Arthur McJohn Says:

    May I hunt them with the same weapon I use to get rid of deer? And don’t forget your dog… because in Dog we trust!

    • donjobson Says:

      Personally we recommend the Stund Gun but as You already Know: “…with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26). Using our Discernmentalist Logic to interpret this verse in support of our glorious Truth Wars this verse can also mean: “…with God all weapons are possible and permissable to be used in the Truth Wars against liberal scum.” And as you also know that John MacArthur stands by his favorite Truth War verse so we should also stand by it:

      This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare; (1 Timothy 1:18).

      We commend you for your faithful support and remember keep on fighting the good fight against all things Emergent, worldly, liberal and apostate!

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  4. joe from tampa Says:

    as a democrat who just mailed his absentee ballot in (i’m in florida) with a straight DEM vote, obama included, i find this hilarious. although i think we should also have a season for hunting teapartiers.

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