All Theological Roads Lead Back To Rome?


Sharin’ Whiplash aka Non-Electgal in an UnReformed and Deformed moment stated:

Anabaptists, Reformed/Presbyterians, Lutherans, and Anglicans are 4 separate branches with separate traditions. All four branches are Reformed from Roman Catholicism in the broad sense of the term.

Clearly she might be one of the unregenerate reprobates decieved into believing that she is Truly Elect or Secured in her Reprobation for as we know Calvinism has  nothing to do with “Roman Arminianism or Roman Catholicism that man-exalting heresy!” And we don’t exalt man especially not Calvin—We Know! Why—because We told ya so! Or maybe Sharin’ has contracted the same Postmodern and Emergence virus that Ken Silva has contracted?

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One Response to “All Theological Roads Lead Back To Rome?”

  1. Anastasios Says:

    Anathema to those who state all theological roads lead to Rome! It’s clearly actually Constantinople 😉

    Because as any discernmentalist knows, the Orthodox Church officially Does Not Exist. Bad-Rome plus the Good-Reformation comprises the totality of church history, which forms an Absolutely Certain Dualism between Reformed Truth and Roman Error, and there is no third option. For the West exists, and the East is a myth.

    The possibility that the actual picture might be more complicated than that, and there might be another Church distinct from both us and the Romans, would be too Postmodern/Unclear/Emergent to bear. For everyone knows there are always only TWO possible answers to every question, one of which is Absolutely Right and the other Absolutely Wrong….it would be Uncertain and lack Perspicuity and Absolute Clarity if there was actually a third option, let alone one that ordains guys with ZZ top beards and builds onion-shaped churches.


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