Shocked: Spurgeon Had A False Conversion—We Know So!


Recently our Research Robot Monkeys have come upon new and startling information concerning Charles Spurgeon (Holy Warrior). We have found that Spurgeon had a False Conversion—we are truly disappointed in this finding. Here follows an account of  Spurgeon’s False Conversion:

Spurgeon’s conversion to Christianity came on January 6, 1850, at age fifteen. On his way to a scheduled appointment, a snow storm forced him to cut short his intended journey and to turn into a Primitive Methodist chapel in Colchester where “God opened his heart to the salvation message.” The text that moved him was Isaiah 45:22 – “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth, for I am God, and there is none else.”

Methodists teach Grace-hating Man-loving Arminianism, Decisional Regeneration and Free-Willism which are all errors. See  there this is proof of his False Conversion—We Know so! Charles Spurgeon (Holy Warrior) even admits by his own Free-Will he made a Decision for Christ rather than being Regenerated by the preaching of the Pure Gospel of God’s Sovereign Wrath:

I do from my soul confess that I never was satisfied till I came to Christ; when was yet a child, I had far more wretchedness than ever I have now; I will even add, more weariness, more care, more heart-ache than I know at this day. I may be singular in this confession, but I make it, and know it to be the truth. Since that dear hour when my soul cast itself on Jesus, I have found solid joy and peace; but before that, all those supposed gaieties of early youth, all the imagined ease and joy of boyhood, were but vanity and vexation of spirit to me. . That happy day, when I found the Saviour, and learned to cling to His dear feet, was a day never to be forgotten by me. An obscure child, unknown, unheard of, I listened to the Word of God; and that precious text led me to the cross of Christ. I can testify that the joy of that day was utterly indescribable. I could have leaped, I could have danced; there was no expression, however fanatical, which would have been out of keeping with the joy of my spirit at that hour. Many days of Christian experience have passed since then, but there has never been one which has had the full exhilaration, the sparkling delight which that first day had. I thought I could have sprung from the seat on which I sat, and have called out with the wildest of those Methodist brethren who were present, “I am forgiven! I am forgiven! A monument of grace! A sinner saved by blood! “My spirit saw its chains broken to pieces, I felt that I was an emancipated soul, an heir of Heaven, a forgiven one, accepted in Christ Jesus, plucked out of the miry clay and out of the horrible pit, with my feet set upon a rock, and my goings established. I thought I could dance all the way home. I could understand what John Bunyan meant, when he declared he wanted to tell the crows on the ploughed land all about his conversion. He was too full to hold, he felt he must tell somebody.

Sheer blasphemy—we are mortified beyond words! We are now praying that Todd Friel (Wretched), Ray Comforts (Awesome) and Kirk Cameron (Awesome Actor) drop all their associational ties with the works of this False Convert.

P. S. Also we are not too pleased with Spurgeon’s teachings against the Pure Reformed Doctrines and clear teachings of Calvin on Infant Baptism and also likewise with John Piper (Soft On Heretics)’s teaching against the Pure Baptism Doctrines of Calvin as well.

And remember these words of Absolute Truth from Sharin’ Whiplash:

Certainly Credobaptism is evil since it promotes confusion this is why I Thank You, Lord, for Your servant, Jean Cauvin, without whom we would be still struggling in the darkness of Credobaptism, that man-exalting heresy! Besides Immersion sounds too much like the heresy of Emergent/Emerging or Emergence Christianity.

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13 Responses to “Shocked: Spurgeon Had A False Conversion—We Know So!”

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  3. donjobson Says:

    There are many errors in Spurgeon’s “so-called” Conversion story—we are disapointed that he makes no mention of the Penal Substionary Atonement, God’s Abiding Absolute Sovereign Wrath nor God’s Law unto regeneration. All True Conversion stories must mention these things and more—cleary he’s a False Convert because of this!

    • JR Says:

      Do you have a Scripture reference for that? It would seem that you replace the Word of God with the traditions of men.

      • donjobson Says:

        We don’t need scripture references as we already presuppose that our Doctrines are the Absolute Truth therefore you must already do the same. The Bible agrees with us. Todd Friel and Pope John MacArthur (PBUH) told me so.

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  5. mass pm sender Says:

    Nice information. I am glad I visited your blog. Keep those quality post coming.

  6. Oh Those Horrible Baptists! « The Online Discernmentalist Mafia Says:

    […] attack on God’s Absolute Sovereign Wrath! Credobaptism in the words of GOIP Discernmentalist Sharin’ Whiplash is “man-exalting”:  Certainly Credobaptism is evil since it promotes confusion this is […]

  7. Ja Says:

    Fascinating . Love the current site !

  8. me Says:

    Lordship Salvationist always teach the heresey, ” YOU should forsake your sins, YOU should surrender to Christ, YOU should accept jesus as your lord, YOU should make a commitment to Christ. Clearly, they all teach that sinners to be saved by THEIR own will and decision, which eliminates the sovereign of God. Just like what the Arminianism is teaching. Charles spurgeon didn’t teach lordship salvation and he is a man of God.

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    […] How dare Spurgeon attack Calvin by saying that Calvin’s enemies were before him! Doesn’t he know that Calvinism is the Gospel? We can’t say we’re surprised as we’ve already apprised that he had a false conversion. […]

  11. Michael Bialuk Says:

    That’s just about the most stupid thing that I have ever read.

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