Anti-Discernmentalists Plan Anti-Discernment Rally


We  are outraged by those working for equality and anti-hate which is why we must protest all this anti-discernmentalism going around. We have thankfully intercepted this evil Emergent video instructing Anti-Discernmentalists on how to protest our wise discernments. Warning this video promotes  Socialism and Communism:

Horrendous—think of the fragile minds of our children exposed to these unbiblical messages of love, brotherhood, justice, peace and unity. We are horrified beyond all words which is why all we have to say is WWRRD? We Know Reagan would not approve and if Regan would not approve Jesus certainly doesn’t approve—which is why we plan to keep on discernmentalizing these evil Emergents and Red-Letter Christians who are out to destroy our Pure Churches and Pure Doctrines.

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3 Responses to “Anti-Discernmentalists Plan Anti-Discernment Rally”

  1. Doug Parris Says:

    No one cares what Donald Regan thinks anymore.

    • donjobson Says:

      Who is this Donald Regan of which you speak? We know not of he but we do know of: Zonald Donald Zegan (Ronald Reagan’s evil twin) of Full House fame. Ah what evil he was.

      • Doug Parris Says:

        Don Regan ~ the person to whom the article obviously refers… uh, I would say in the first paragraph, except the entire article is a single, run-on paragraph, you know, the former White House Cheif of Staff as in the phrase, “if Regan would not approve Jesus certainly doesn’t approve.” Whether or not Regan is, as suggested, one with Jesus, is a bit irrelevant since no one is listening to him.

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