WMDs Were In Iraq: We Have Irrefutable Evidence


Bush looking for WMDs.

Bush did not lie. We have evidence—here is a map clearly showing WMDS in Iraq:

And here is what we believe these WMDs look like—Absolute Proof:

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2 Responses to “WMDs Were In Iraq: We Have Irrefutable Evidence”

  1. thegroundworks Says:

    Thank goodness for your clear outline of the truth! I believe that more WMD will be found in the Canuckistan. You can’t trust them….they drink too much beer and play too much hockey. I bet that killer robot pictured above has something to do with this!

  2. donjobson Says:

    Absolutely—we have other proofs as well! Canuckistan is full of liberal commie rat socialist terrorists too so that’s proof enough. “No way I’m going to look for weapons of mass destruction in this country………….. WAIT! do they have any oil?”~ George W. Bush on People’s Republic of Canada and his plan to invade America’s hat after consulting with top GOIP officials. “Canada, America’s hat.”~ Baldy O’Hoolihan—he came up with our master plans:

    The state of Jesusland is planning on expanding into the “mud race” countries surrounding them. The liberation of United States of Canada is set for the date of 2013. They hope to rid Canada of it’s diseases and plagues such as beaver overpopulation, beer shortages, multiculturalism, SARS, terrorists, French, and diversity. The reason for the far projected date is the investigation into how the French people swam all the way to Canada en mass.

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