Ken Silva Scandal # 2



Ken Silva caught  singing “worldly music” just last year which promotes “trance formational dancing.” We of the Online Discernmentalist Mafia thought that Ken was supposedly ‘retired from performing and music to devote his time to his self-proclaimed self-righteous ministry fulltime.’  Here is the video evidence which clearly speaks for itself:

Ken for shame—Saint John MacArthur would be appalled. Repent Ken repent of thy apostasy and slippery-slope into worldliness lest ye be found among the unregenerate and non-Elect.

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4 Responses to “Ken Silva Scandal # 2”

  1. Evil Emergent Plots Found « The Official Blog Of God's Only Inerrant Party Says:

    […] may recall that Ken Silva was caught in another scandal. Well we have  found that to be  false and upon further discernmentalizing have concluded that […]

  2. Arthur McJohn Says:

    Ohh! Terrible! I wish Ken moved back to his glorious days when he sang “arminians go to hell”, “Servetus tastes better when toasted”, “TULIP’s song”, and other discermentalist big hits

    • donjobson Says:

      Yes it was but upon further discernmentalizing we have concluded that the Ken Silva in the video singing “worldly music” just last year which promotes “trance formational dancing” is actually an evil Doppelganger twin of Ken planted by Emergents to mock our Pure Doctrines.

  3. Discernmentalists Discernmentalize Bill Gates’ Vaccine causes Transcedental Meditation | Says:

    […] of our pro-life  anti-vax conspiracies Doctrine. Our late great affectionate uncle and mentor Ken Silva would be appalled at this worldly […]

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