Typical Emergent Teachings Exposed



Typical Emergent teachings lead souls to communism and socialism and communism and socialism lead souls to hell.

Emergent teachings exposed by our Researchmentalist Spider Monkey Bot:

I don’t think this is necessarily to save the poor; I think it’s for our salvation. I think that we have been blessed beyond measure, and if we don’t give it away and steward it well, our own souls are going to shrivel up. This is about the state of our own souls. According to Jesus’ teachings, we’re in trouble if we hog it or keep it to ourselves.

There’s 2103 verses on the poor and oppressed. This is how Jesus began his first sermon: ‘I’ve been anointed to preach the good news to the poor.’ God is with the poor; we’re with God when we’re with the poor.

God has no interest in us building our empires.

This is a huge issue. The rich man and Lazarus… I mean, the rich man is in hell because he ignored the needs of Lazarus by his front gate. So for Jesus, there’s a very literal, earthly hell for those who ignore the need of those around them. I would even argue the man who builds bigger barns… the only clear passages where Jesus speaks of somebody in hell are about a religious person with extraordinary wealth that doesn’t share it with those who are in need. That’s where he gives specific cases of those who are in hell even if they are parables.

Rob Bell.
We hear “kingdom of heaven” and we think “kingdom of life after death.” But that’s the very opposite of what Jesus is talking about. Remember—he says repeatedly, the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, has arrived! It’s near, here, at hand, among you! It’s not just about after you die; it’s about here, now, in this life! (New Kind of Christian, 107)
—Brian McLaren.

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6 Responses to “Typical Emergent Teachings Exposed”

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  2. donjobson Says:

    Ye of little faith!

  3. brambonius Says:

    thanks for the inspiring quotes

    – an emergent herretic…

    • donjobson Says:

      Thanks for advertising the Absolute Truth to your heathen friends—hopefully now all of you will repent of your impure America and soul destroying doctrines. In the meantime we will be praying for you and suggest that you read this: OD Mafia Oath.

  4. brambonius Says:

    I’m from belgium, and I don’t care about america (and in fact we don’t have any ’emergents’ here, and no new calvinist either as far as I know)

    and I know what kind of site this is, I just liked the qoutes…

    but succes with Your Absolute Truth… I heard it grows better if you water it regularly and turn it to the sun from time to time…

    • donjobson Says:

      Then ye are truly unregenerate for blaspheming God’s Chosen Nation. Belgium sounds Emergent to us since you admit that there are no Calvinists there. Afterall only Calvinist Discernmentalists are truly saved Christians—all others are unsaved reprobates. Repent and move to God’s Chosen Nation—America.

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