The Postmodern Apostasy Of The Candy Industry



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2 Responses to “The Postmodern Apostasy Of The Candy Industry”

  1. Ruby Dabling Says:

    I think I just choked on my Altoids… Feckin’ funny!

  2. donjobson Says:

    Repent ye heretic it is not our fault that ye eateth of Evil Emergent candy. Ye should eat True Christian candy like us such as Saint John MacArthur’s Certs as in we are Absolutely Certain of the Absolute Truth. Or ye should eateth this: Judgefinger, Skorge or Skewer for starters. Frankly we are concerned for your soul after viewing your heathen site—why you even made Ken Silva our mentor in discernmentalism blush as he was standing over our shoulder as we glimpsed at your evil site.

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