Typical Arminian Romanist Apostates




All Arminians are evil pagans who glorify man by believing in free will instead of glorifying GOD by believing in Absolute Predestination like we the True Elect do. Arminians can’t be saved because their doctrines are impure and lead men back to Rome. They may as well worship Molech and be communists—Ken Silva and John MacArthur told me so.

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One Response to “Typical Arminian Romanist Apostates”

  1. Typical Arminian Preaching « The Official Blog Of God's Only Inerrant Party Says:

    […] Arminians are not ignorant of the Bible—the King James Bible AV 1611–unlike we Calvinists who are not inerrant because of our Pure Doctrines and Godly education so Arminian sermons are […]

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