Pure Rapture Teaching



Council for National Policy founder, Tim LaHaye with the antiChrist and Skeletor

Even Skeletor and the Anti-Christ believe in Tim LaHaye, the Rapture and The Left Behind series—so if your kids are cool like us, they will believe in them too or be forced to believe in them by us. Afterall the Rapture is Pure biblical teaching and not a manmade invention and heresy.


One Response to “Pure Rapture Teaching”

  1. Fanatic for Jesus calls John MacArthur’s Jesus: “New Age.” « The Official Blog Of God's Only Inerrant Party Says:

    […] fool and get Left Behind with the unregenerate non-Elect heathens and Postmodern Unbelievers…believe in Premillennial Dispensationalism and the Rapture or Else! By the way it’s not to late to stock up on our fine and quality John MacArthur approved […]

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