Pure Rapture Teaching



Council for National Policy founder, Tim LaHaye with the antiChrist and Skeletor

Even Skeletor and the Anti-Christ believe in Tim LaHaye, the Rapture and The Left Behind series—so if your kids are cool like us, they will believe in them too or be forced to believe in them by us. Afterall the Rapture is Pure biblical teaching and not a manmade invention and heresy.


2 Responses to “Pure Rapture Teaching”

  1. Fanatic for Jesus calls John MacArthur’s Jesus: “New Age.” « The Official Blog Of God's Only Inerrant Party Says:

    […] fool and get Left Behind with the unregenerate non-Elect heathens and Postmodern Unbelievers…believe in Premillennial Dispensationalism and the Rapture or Else! By the way it’s not to late to stock up on our fine and quality John MacArthur approved […]

  2. mcfirefly Says:

    The Rapture is a name man has given a Biblical teaching—in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump. If Tim LaHaye believed in it, he wouldn’t make merchandise of it/his readers, but he wouldn’t take millions from a known, self-proclaimed anti-Christ, Rev Moon, either. As for Skeletor, since I was harassed by “the skeleton” as a toddler and went on to be demonically-oppressed and then be persecuted by Skull & Bones people from my teens til now, I think there is spiritual reality behind old Skeletor and his fellow characters. You seem to hate so many of the things that I hate, Calvinism, Lordship Salvation, the co-optation of Christianity by the conservative movement, which is a movement of enemies of God, not His friends. But you seem to be an enemy of the Biblical gospel and of Jesus Himself. This is tragic. Why bother to discern that these things are wrong when all you do to thank Him for the insight is to mock Him along with the truly evil movements and men who muddy the water of life with all their might? What is the point, if you are too good for trusting faith yourself? I have as little confidence in Theology with a capital T as I have in Reformed with a capital R. It is the word of God that is living, a two-edged sword that is light from outside of us, that can really do something in your life, but if you do violence to it, you will not be able to know it that way. Jesus said, I thank thee, O Father, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them unto babes. Yea, Father, such was thy will. If we cannot see what the babes see, we can turn and become as children and He will begin to show us these things. By becoming as children, we won’t need to completely lose intellect but we will no longer live according to our own light; it will be a God to us no more.

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